Birthday Cake

One of the things that I’ve been focused on lately is being conscious and present in the moment.  I recently turned 40 years old and in my family it was a common occurrence on my birthdays for one of my parents to ask me “Do you feel wiser?”.  When I was young I thought that this was a silly question because my answer was always no.  This last birthday though my answer would have been different.  My thirties literally flew by in a flash with family activities, career and work related obligations, and the daily routine of life.  This has bothered me some because I question whether or not I squeezed all of the juice out of the time I was given during this period or if I was on a habitual auto pilot.

At the start of this decade of my life I feel like I’ve got a little more Zen working for me.  I’ve been consciously committed to personal growth.  Here are a few examples of things I’m doing differently:

  • I attended an Anthony Robbins seminar with and at the recommendation of my wife.  She’s been a fan of Tony’s for years having listened to his CDs and tapes.  To say I was a skeptic would have been an understatement but as we worked through the seminar it changed me or better yet I realized that I needed to make some changes.  At the conclusion I found myself walking the long 15 yards across burning hot coals – hot…hot…hot…
  • I am attempting to significantly increase the number of books, blogs, and podcasts that I consume on topics that interest me and that support my goals.
  • I’ve started this blog as a personal commitment to writing more.  I’ve had this idea/feeling for a while but just never had the “why” to start.  It came together for me after I read a post from John Saddington’s blog – Why I Blog.
  • I coined a new phrase that I will attempt to live by – “Invest more into experiences than into things…”.  A movie that does a great job at spinning this idea is Jim Carrey’s Yes Man.
  • Finally, I noticed in the last couple of years that my body doesn’t recover from the intense Brazilian Jiu Jitsu martial arts training that I took up in 2006.  I still train regularly but I have also added Yoga to my routine.  Maintaining flexibility and a focus on regenerative training has been a big “A ha”.

I’m excited for the prospects of this next decade.  I’m committed to consciously navigating them with new found clarity.  That clarity reads something like this – “The quality of the next 10 years will be highly correlated to the quality of my vision, the plans I put into action, and the habits that I can create to support them.

Are you consciously choosing how your next decade will play out?

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