Lately I’ve been pretty busy with the usual topics – work, family, personal commitments, etc.  All good excuses for I really haven’t felt compelled to write.  I’ve read many  a blogger/author say that it’s not so much the “what” that’s important but more so the discipline of writing consistently that is critical to the development of the skill.  I can fully appreciate that viewpoint, from Portuguese – “disciplina”.  I however, am not a writer by background or trade.  I’d rather not bore you with the random musings that come to me during a commute or when I have a quiet moment to contemplate the many random themes that seem to dominate my psyche.  Time to me is a precious resource.  I rifle through all sorts of content most of which doesn’t stick, doesn’t move me to put fingers to keyboard or take action.  That was not the case tonight.  In a previous post I touched on the power of words in a post I wrote on legacy .

I like many I’m sure, heard in the news of the recent passing of an avatar, an inspirational force that has touched many in our culture.  I was ignorant to her work and really didn’t understand the outpouring in the media expressing the loss, thanks, and the power of her enduring legacy.  I came across an example that changed that tonight.  So please Rise, take 3 minutes from your usual topics, and soak in the Power of Maya Angelou’s words.


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