You’ve reached my About me page.  I use this site to write and explore ideas. I am constantly reading and researching personal development and technology and have found that writing helps me to learn and frame the perspectives I take. The goal for this site is:

  1. To create a personal archive of meaningful content that I can reflect upon, and
  2. To create a platform to engage and network with others on these and similar topics.

I plan on sharing insights, resources, and tools that have helped me along the way.


Success is a refined study of the obvious. -Jim Rohn

I am employed at CSG International and have worked in enterprise technology since 1996. At CSG International, we help some the world’s largest Communication Service Providers care for and transact with their customers. I currently work onsite at Charter Communications in Charlotte, NC. In my role I help ensure that Charter is utilizing the products and services that they have purchased from CSG optimally. I also explore business challenges and look for new opportunities where CSG’s Solutions can add business value.

I am originally from sunny Colorado (Pueblo, CO to be exact), but I have called Fort Mill, SC home since the summer of 2012.  Exploring the East Coast and learning more about the South has been an adventure so far.

If you find value or derive insights while visiting the site please consider connecting with me on one of the social networks.  Comments are still enabled on the site but I’ve found them to be more of a spam dumping ground than a meaningful way to engage.

Disclaimer – the opinions and content shared on this site are my own and are not sponsored by or endorsed by my employer.

Thank you for stopping by!

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