Do You Work Without Pants?

I recently listened to a great podcast that Tim Ferriss put together  with Matt Mullenweg.  I’d never heard of Matt before and after learning more about him and what he’s accomplished frankly I’m not sure how.  You see Matt is largely responsible for the platform that powers this blog and millions of other blogs around the world,… Read more »

White Belt Taekwondo

Last Night I Was a White Belt Again

~~Last night I had the honor of donning the white belt again.~~ Those that know me understand that I’ve been on a journey towards mastery in a martial art known as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or BJJ.  BJJ is characterized by its distinct focus on technique over force and power.  The idea is to train your positional kinesthetic… Read more »

Source New Ideas - Brain Scan

3 Ways to Source New Ideas and Maximize Your Education-to-Entertainment Ratio

I’d like to explore some strategies for discovering and sourcing new ideas.  If you’re like me you’ve noticed the pace of innovation and the introduction of new technologies has accelerated substantially.  More importantly the degree of adoption has been staggering.  “Yeah, yeah…” I hear you saying, if you’re skeptical of this phenomenon consider that the… Read more »


Please Rise

Lately I’ve been pretty busy with the usual topics – work, family, personal commitments, etc.  All good excuses for I really haven’t felt compelled to write.  I’ve read many  a blogger/author say that it’s not so much the “what” that’s important but more so the discipline of writing consistently that is critical to the development… Read more »


Innovation – A Process of Curation, Imitation, and Synthesis

I’d like to explore innovation at little. From my perspective innovation is a little like an overplayed radio tune. I mean every business marketer, journalist, blogger, or random person has a viewpoint on it.  I am not here to argue against the merits of innovation.  No doubt it is an admired and highly sought after… Read more »


Have You Found Your FLOW Lately?

Flow is something that most of us have experienced, perhaps not intentionally. For those that have felt flow fleetingly but long to find it again there is hope. The terms flow and “peak experience” are used to describe a state of consciousness where our mental and physical abilities align perfectly to help us effortlessly achieve… Read more »

Mastery Gracie Family

Achieving Mastery

In my sidebar I have the following – “Passionate about achieving Mastery”.  Mastery is an elusive goal in an of itself.  I’ve come to realize that it’s not the actual achievement of mastery that ultimately matters, but dedicating one’s self to “a commitment to” mastery.  The two concepts are different.  Mastery is not a destination… Read more »

legacy hands

Legacy – What Does it Mean to You?

The word legacy means different things to different people.  Language and words in general are powerful symbols that move us to feel and allow us to “replay” feelings for our own purposes.  I believe that successful people are those that can discern the words and word sequences that empower them to keep the right frame… Read more »

Birthday Cake

Consciousness and Habit

One of the things that I’ve been focused on lately is being conscious and present in the moment.  I recently turned 40 years old and in my family it was a common occurrence on my birthdays for one of my parents to ask me “Do you feel wiser?”.  When I was young I thought that… Read more »

Mental Plasticity

Mental Plasticity

The concept of mental plasticity or Neuroplasticity fascinates me.  In laymen’s terms neuroplasticity refers to the brain’s ability to adapt and optimize its function to best address the environment one finds themselves in.  A great personal development resource that describes the mechanics of how this happens and also provides some great examples is a book… Read more »

  • automation standardization gear train

    Automation vs Standardization

    In my role as a solution architect I often get pulled into meetings to discuss “the state of automation” or to help provide estimates to automate existing manual processes.  The business case for automation is pretty clear cut in Information Technology or so it would seem.  Business cases can be made a few different ways… Read more »